tirsdag 1. juli 2008

On the road again

Ready to take off, destination: Sudan.

Third time, really looking forward to go, though this time I feel that Norway is kind of great right now. Even summer in Oslo (not my favourite city). Since I arrived the capital this morning I have done the last preparations, made some phone calls while still in Europe, spent the afternoon hanging out with Karen Martine, some shopping and picnic in front of the new and really white Opera. Forgot my cell phone in a shop, hope not will do in East Africa... Evening at Fossums new and countryside-ish place, strawberries, probably the last ones I eat this summer. Yap, a bit sad leaving Norway now.

But on the other hand, I expect it to be great meeting my friends in East Africa. And just to avoid confusing languages.. east african english will be seen at my blogspot as long as I stay there.

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